50 ways to foster a sustainable culture of innovation

Via InnovationTools, I came across this posting featuring 50 valuable ways to foster a sustainable culture of innovation. I picked out five that I found really interesting:

# 10
Ensure a high level of personal freedom and trust. Provide more time for people to pursue new ideas and innovations.

# 11
Encourage everyone to communicate. Provide user-friendly systems to make this happen.

# 15
Notice innovation efforts. Nurture them wherever they crop up. Reward them.

# 38
Invite outside partners early on when exploring new opportunities. Find ways for your company to partner with others and actively share ideas, technologies, and other capabilities.

# 50
Drive authority downwards. Make decisions quickly at the lowest level possible.

I thought about the following question:
Reflecting upon my last posting about Web 2.0, I’d like to ask you to which degree everyone working for the company/organization/school, you also work for, is using various Web 2.0 tools to communicate ideas that can help the company/organization/school develop further?
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