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Coronavirus. What can we learn?

# 1: Facts are important We need prudence, science and facts, say the United Nations . The WHO is telling countries to test.   # 2: Transparency is useful to share information fast Transparency is job number 1 for leaders in a crisis . Thomas Sattelberger  and  Tom Hanks   share their experiences on Twitter during corona virus quarantine. Novartis, GSK, Pfizer and other pharmaceutical companies share their libaries to find solutions for COVID-19 . Research is shared across nations, companies and other borders . Silos are broken down . # 3: People help each other China sends coronavirus experts and equipment to Italy. This lady came back from vacation to help fill up shelves at a supermarket in Switzerland.   # 4: People applaud healthcare workers From their balconies, people in the Netherlands applaud healthcare workers. # 5: People cancel meetings in physical locations  Squeezing large numbers of people into cruise ships, offices, waiting rooms, lecture rooms and cla

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