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Reflections on Working out loud week 0 process

Reflecting on the Working out loud week 0 process, which you can find general information about here, these are the thoughts that came into my mind:

Fixing time of weekly meeting
Among participants in the Working out loud week 0 meeting there was, relatively quickly, agreement that fixing a time for the weekly meeting at the start of the 12 weeks process is a good idea - not least in order to avoid spending too much time on planning. During a relatively short verbal exchange, 4 days of the week were quickly excluded, as these were not optimal times for participants to meet. After a few minutes, we had settled on a specific day and time of a week to have our weekly weekly meeting over 12 weeks. We also agreed that when minimum 3 of the 5 circle participants can participate in a meeting, the meeting will take place.

Rotating facilitator role and rotating timekeeper role
Among participants in the Working out loud week 0 meeting there was, within a relatively short time, agreement that it wou…

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