Impressions from Ree Park in Denmark

I visited Ree Park in Denmark earlier this month. I had a great time there. Ree Park is an interesting Experience Economy contribution. Here are some impressions from the day, I spent there:

The lemurs in the park look really cute and come really close to guests.

The Cheetahs are really agile and can run more than 100 km per hour.

This is what the cheetahs had for lunch. Listening to the guide talk to the large number of people watching the feeding of the cheetahs, I learned that it's horse meat. The white powder on the meat is, as I understood it, vitamins.

Here's a coke machine in the park that is adapted to the surroundings. Good innovation.

I think it’s a good idea to split up the park in different continents. That way, it’s easy for guests to learn about on which continents different animals live.

If you’re interested in watching videos from Ree Park, click here.

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