Renewing the way to get from A to B

In a recent posting, I noted how Renault-Nissan is strongly moving forward regarding electric vehicles. And in this very interesting McKinsey interview with Mr. Alan Mulally, CEO of FordI read for example this: "..we believe there is a social consciousness that is developing where people really want to consider alternative energy sources that are more sustainable and good for the planet." And towards the end of the interview with Mr. Mulally, I read this: "So we might be part of connecting different modes of transportation - bicycles and waterways and cars and buses and subways - all as part of the vision of enabling movement and bringing people together."

The strong development of renewable energy and electric vehicles are interesting trends that help create more value for more people around the world. Another interesting trend are technologies / apps that enable people to share, for example, cars and parking spaces and thereby help each other use resources more efficiently. Regarding sharing park spaces, I have come to know about, for example, parkit, parku, and ParkatmyHouse. Regarding sharing cars, I have come across, for example, MobilitySharooSpinlisterand mitfahrgelegenheit / And yesterday, at the Social Media Gipfel, I learned more about bringbee

With the many new transportation solutions / apps / services that are continuously popping up in the market space -  helping people to, for example, save costs, get from a to b in a more environmentally friendly ways, more safely, and/or get from A to B together with other people - it seems evident that companies such as sbb and zvv need to innovate in several ways to become more attractive for customers. One way to improve the customer experience is to provide high speed  internet connection free of charge at train stations / tram and bus stops as well as on trains / buses / trams. Watching the Swiss Television Tagesschau of last night, I learned that sbb are doing that. In a contribution to Lars Kolind's blog posting on unbossing Scandinavian Airlines, open access to internet anytime and anywhere was part of the ideas I communicated.
To see other solutions / services / apps related to transport, have a look at thisYou may also find it useful to view this presentation about bicycle friendly cities and/or this posting about transportation innovation

Have a great day - wherever you choose to go.


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