The Global Information Technology Report

The Global Information Technology Report is out. Here are the top 10 countries:

# 1: Sweden.
# 2: Singapore.
# 3: Finland.
# 4: Switzerland.
# 5: USA.
# 6: Taiwan, China.
# 7: Denmark.
# 8: Canada.
# 9: Norway.
# 10: Korea, Rep.

Noteworthy is, compared with the ranking of last year, that Taiwan moved up from # 11 to # 5, and Korea moved up from # 15 to # 10. On page 282 of the report, where you can find key data about Taiwan, I read that Taiwan ranks number 1 regarding business usage. For example, ICT has a very high impact on new services and products of companies in Taiwan. On page 17 of the report, I read the following about Taiwan:
"As with most of the top-ranked countries in the Index, the government has placed ICT at the heart of its competitiveness agenda. Through incentive programs and massive investment in ICT infrastructure, the government has been a catalyst of these positive developments. Taiwan ranks 5th in the government readiness pillar and 2nd in the government usage pillar, and represents an inspiring success story of a resource-poor economy turned into a major high-tech global player in the space of a few decade."
In the 10 minute video embedded below, INSEAD Professor Soumitra Dutta speaks with Ms. Shellie Karabell about the The Global Information Technology Report:

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