Shift happening at Siemens towards Open Innovation

Listening to the interview - embedded below - with Mr. Peter Löscher of Siemens, I learned, for example, this:

Minute 8
There is nothing more important than the personal and direct dialogue.

Minute 10
With people coming from Spain, you have to allow more time for communication.

Minute 29
For any company, 90% of innovation is happening outside the walls of the company. Historically, researchers and developers at Siemens have been focusing on what is happening in their own labs. Now, the focus is shifting to Open Innovation. There is a big push driving innovation outside the boundaries of the company.

Minute 33
Peter Löscher pushes for diversity at Siemens. For example, Mr. Löscher expressed, as he joined the company, that the management is "too white, too male, and too German".

Minute 44
Peter Löscher encouraged the participants, who were listening, to find out who the role models of the companies, they work for, are, and how these people live the values of the company. Mr. Löscher also encouraged the participants to reflect on whether they can relate to these role models in the way they work / live. Peter Löscher encouraged the participants to say “no” to do something - even if everybody else does it - if the particular activity does not align with their personal values.


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