Interview with Mr. Carlos Ghosn

Listening to this interview with Mr. Carlos Ghosn, I learned, for example, the following:

Minute 19:
A leader is first a listener.

Minute 25:
Usually, the more mismanaged a country is, the more potential it has.

Minute 35:
When the Japanese industry started 40 years ago, it started with cheap, small, low quality products, and it moved up. The Korean did the same. The Indians and the Chinese can do the same.

Minute 39:
Zero-emissions cars are going to be part of the future if you can answer yes to the following 3 questions:
1. Is there a higher chance that the price of oil in the future is going to go up than go down?
2. Do you think that regulation on the environment will become stricter?
3. Will economic superpowers such as China and India not accept that their respective transportation sectors are dependent on one commodity, oil, which they are net importers of? In this regard, Mr. Ghosn reminded us that if one major oil producer decides not to export oil to a particular country, whose transportation system is dependent on oil, the transportation of this country will be paralyzed.


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