Thoughts on development of square in Zurich

As I came by the square on the photo above located between Usteristrasse and Lintheschergasse in the centre of Zurich, Switzerland, a couple of thoughts came into my mind:

Thought # 1
As more or less every person has a mobile phone, I have some difficulty understanding why 4 phone booths occupy quite a lot of space on this square.

Thought # 2
Another thought that struck me was the little blue house on the left. I believe the house has seen better days. What do you think?

Considering the fact that quite a large number of people pass through this square in the centre of Zurich each day, I thought it would add a lot of value to make a little “square design competition”. A possibility would be to make the competition on the Internet and include possibilities for people to vote on the best designs. A spontaneous idea of mine would be to clear the square and install dynamic fountains in the ground, so kids can play. For inspiration, click here to see the creative initiative at Bundesplatz in Bern, Switzerland.



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