Zurich runs fast

“If you can dream it, you can do it!” That is the motto of the Swiss running talent Viktor Röthlin. http://www.viktor-roethlin.ch/ Last year’s Number 2 at the European Championships set a new Swiss record and a personal best time by running the 42,195 km. in 2 hours, 8 minutes and 20 seconds at this year’s Zurich Marathon http://www.zurichmarathon.ch/ on April 1st, 2007. To most people, this pace is more or less like sprinting through the whole course. The best female runner at Zurich Marathon was the Russian girl Nina Podnebesnova who finished in 2:36.59.

Here are some photos from Zurich Marathon: http://www.swiss-image.ch/slideshow/?event=zuerichmarathon2007

A marathon is not only about professional, world class runners from Switzerland, Russia, and Africa. It is, indeed, also about many people who have running as a hobby and have decided to take on an enormous running challenge. In addition, a marathon is thousands of people who cheer up the runners along the road – clapping their hands, playing music, singing etc. And not least, a marathon could not work without a number of companies who sponsor the marathon and use the event as an innovative opportunity to get closer to their customers.

What few people probably are aware of is that several hundred people - not least people from various sports clubs - help out with preparations, implementation, and cleaning up. I was proud to be one of the many people helping out at the large event.

How do individuals and companies in the city you live in participate in keeping the city alive?
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