What is bigger than we all are?

Preparing for #initiate19, which takes place on June 7th at the tram museum in Zürich and aims to strengthen inclusion and participation in all kinds of meetings, I stumbled upon this posting by Sergio P. Ermotti about sustainable development goals (SDGs) and about the initiative #togetherband. Having been curious for some years about values and purpose - including what questions to ask to define purpose - and having worked in a variety of ways on SDG # 4 Quality education, I was really happy to read this posting by Mr. Ermotti.

Before I get too positively excited about this great #togetherband initiative, I need to admit openly that not least due to the extremely high wages of employed managers working for banks, I almost lost hope. In fact, the very high wages of employed managers working for banks made me feel sad, angry and disappointed. Why did the very high wages of employed managers working for banks make me feel sad, angry and disappointed? 2 reasons:

Reason number 1:
Income inequality has significant implications for growth and macroeconomic stability. It can concentrate political and decision making power in the hands of a few, lead to a suboptimal use of human resources, cause investment-reducing political and economic instability and raise crisis risk. Source.

Reason number 2:
60 years of a hyper-individualistic first-mountain culture have weakened the bonds between people. They’ve dissolved the shared moral cultures that used to restrain capitalism and the meritocracy. 
SourceBy accepting extremely high wages, employed managers working for banks have chosen to strengthen this taker culture.

The #togetherband initiative strengthened my belief that employed managers working for banks want to give much more and want to 
work on initiatives which are bigger than we all are. Thank you for this and thank you for strengthening transparency / openness as well as inclusion and participation - not least by sharing what you do using social media.


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