Reflections on Working out loud week 0 process

Reflecting on the Working out loud week 0 process, which you can find general information about here, these are the thoughts that came into my mind:

Fixing time of weekly meeting
Among participants in the Working out loud week 0 meeting there was, relatively quickly, agreement that fixing a time for the weekly meeting at the start of the 12 weeks process is a good idea - not least in order to avoid spending too much time on planning. During a relatively short verbal exchange, 4 days of the week were quickly excluded, as these were not optimal times for participants to meet. After a few minutes, we had settled on a specific day and time of a week to have our weekly weekly meeting over 12 weeks. We also agreed that when minimum 3 of the 5 circle participants can participate in a meeting, the meeting will take place.

Rotating facilitator role and rotating timekeeper role
Among participants in the Working out loud week 0 meeting there was, within a relatively short time, agreement that it would be meaningful to let the roles of facilitator and timekeeper, which are mentioned in the week 0 circle guide, rotate among us.

Use of WhatsApp group, Google docs and Skype for communication 
Suggestions came up to use Skype, WhatsApp and Google Docs for communication during and between meetings. On the use of these technologies for communication, there was also agreement. Positive about the use of Skype, for example, is that when a person would like to participate in a meeting and, at the same time, would like to save time / costs for transportation, Skype can be helpful. From our exchange about the use of technologies for communication, I also remember that the will to avoid too much use of e-mail was relatively strong.

Language to use for communication
Speaking about which language would be best for each one of us to use for communication among us, we found out that German is the language, which everyone feels well using.

Time to use for preparation
A question we also discussed during the week 0 meetings was how much each person wants to prepare for the weekly meetings. In this regard, I recall that, in essence, each person is responsible for his or her own personal development, for example by setting his or her own goal. What I also recall is the point that each meeting is one hour, and that the circle guides for each of the meetings include various questions to be talked about.

Concludingly, I got the impression from the Working out loud week 0 process that the above mentioned aspects are important for members of a Working out loud circle to exchange views about during this starting up period.


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