Many different languages were used at the #makezurich hackathon

Many different languages were used during the #makezurich hackathon last week. I heard people speaking with each other in English, German, Swiss German, French, Italian, Spanish, and TamazightListening to people, I learned that - in general - when people express themselves in their native language compared with a secondary language, they can express themselves more precisely. That said, I also found out that with language and translation apps such as Google Translate and Duolingo, that are continuously improving and getting more useful for people, we can learn about words / expressions faster and better. Malik, for example, told me that when he moved from his native country Algeria to Spain to study, he learned to communicate in Spanish using, for example, Rosetta Stone.

Participating at the #makezurich hackathon, I also learned that we need to think broader when we think languages / communication. In this regard, I found out that coding / programming languages are quite important languages through which people can express themselves and understand what other people want to say. In addition, consider how the increase in the variety of emoticons we can use as we communicate with each other on several apps has made it easier for us to express our emotions.

Some additional inspiration about languages:

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