3 short stories from the #makezurich about how we learn

3 short stories from #makezurich about how we learn:

Story # 1
During #makezurich, I had the possibility to chat a little with Pance and Phaki, who work for Netcetera and whose ancestors come from Macedonia and Sri Lanka respectively. I learned, for example, that people, who work for Netcetera, like to use skype to communicate with each other as well as with external people they solve problems with. I also learned that they use Plaza, an intranet solution / internal social network developed by Netcetera using which people can, for example, document work using wikis. It was great to experience that to learn from / engage with people, Netcetera associates also use a variety of social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Story # 2
Malik and Said, who come from Algeria, studied / study in Turkey, Spain, and Germany. Malik explained to me that when he studied in Turkey, he liked that he could speak informally with teachers / professors and learn with them individually / in small groups, for example over a cup of tea. He mentioned that the informal way of learning in Turkey - including calling professors by their first names - was very different from what he was used in his home country Algeria, where teachers are addressed by, for example, Sir and last names. Being a student in the Turkish education system, Malik also liked, as I understood it, that he had the freedom to choose what he wants to learn. At the hackathon, Malik and Said learned, for example, in these ways.

Story # 3
Participating in the #makezurich hackathon, i was positively surprised about the use of Slack. I found the use of Slack useful to get information what is happening in the different projects and to communicate with people. Watching how Pance, Phaki, Malik, and Said work and listening to them, i also discovered that all four of them like to use Google search to learn.

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