Do you want a high performance team? Then encourage people who are different from each other to work together

Watching/listening to/reading this very interesting INSEAD Knowledge interview with Mr. Carlos Ghosn, I noticed not least this passage:
"When you have a very diverse team – people of different backgrounds, different culture, different gender, different age, you are going to get a more creative team – probably getting better solutions, and enforcing them in a very innovative way and with a very limited number of preconceived ideas."

On page 401 of the book Organizational Culture and Leadership by Mr. Edgar H. Schein, I read this:
"The more turbulent the environment, the more likely it is that the more diverse organization will have the resources to cope with unpredicted events."

"For diversity to be a resource, the subcultures must be connected and must learn to value each other enough to learn something of each other’s culture and language. A central task for the learning leader, then, is to ensure good cross-cultural communication and understanding throughout the organization."

Due to the fact that people get older and older, I’d like to ask you this question: To what degree do you involve people, who are above 70 years of age in, for example, designing the products of the company, you work for?
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