One Global Model of Corporate Governance?

"Just as different nations have developed languages, foods and local customs, they also have adapted their own forms of corporate governance and board structures. Now, as business continues to globalize, new pressure from international capital pools and government regulators may diminish the local and national flavor of corporate boards, according to Wharton faculty and other experts in corporate governance."

This and much more information about the future of Corporate Governance, you can read in this interesting Knowledge@Wharton article.

I came to think of a couple of questions that would be great to hear your view on:

Question # 1
What is characteristic for corporate governance in the culture, you are a part of?

Question # 2

In what ways are board members - in the culture you are a part of - changing the way they do their jobs? For example, it would be great to hear your view of how board members will be using, for example, blogs and/or other interactive and collaborative technologies to communicate.

Thanks in advance for your response to one of the questions or both of them.
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