Measurements can tell a story. What story will you tell?

Reflecting on the work #makezurich participants did with different sensors and doing some research about why measurement is important, I stumbled upon this sentence here: Measurements can tell a story. I found the expression quite captivating. Why? For example because I have learned that it can be very helpful for us to see measurements as feedback to use for continuous improvements

Doing research about storytelling for some time, not least inspired by Nicole Bittel and other storytelling experts, I learned that telling stories - negative as well as positive ones - can be quite useful in helping shape and make sense of changes. Negative stories can be effective in getting our attention, shaking us out of our daily routines and complacency. And positive stories can, for example, show us how to solve problems in creative ways and bring back beauty in our lives. Great stories such as this one by Wienke Giezeman about building an open Internet of Things Network for everyone in Switzerland touch our hearts and help us understand what the changes are all about.

A question for you: What story will you tell with the measurements you help make with different sensors? An example: What story do you want to tell when you use a bicycle counter to measure how many bikes are moving from a to b on a certain street? Or what story will you tell when you measure what people think and/or feel about sounds coming from the street?

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