The promise of progress

During this 1 hour event entitled the promise of progress I learned this:

  • From minute 4: Retraining and education is not enough. We need to focus on the sharing of economic progress. In other words, we need shared value initiatives. When technology is taking out jobs and not replacing them with others [that generate incomes for people], what is required is new solutions such as minimum wage support, basic income, negative income tax, and other transfer initiatives.
  • From minute 11: Corporate profitability is at a high. Compensation for people is at a 50 year low.
  • From minute 18: Jobs are going away and incomes are under threat primarily among people of the middle class in  Switzerland, Germany, USA, the UK and many other countries in the developed world.
  • From minute 19: Teachers at schools continue to educate people to do routine work that technology is increasingly taking over from humans. We need to change that.
  • From minute 20: We need to increase entrepreneurship, facilitate innovation, and increase research.
  • From minute 22: An area where we are beginning to see policy considerations is regarding what should be the mechanisms for providing the increasing number of independent workers with economic benefits, for example for health coverage, pension coverage, and social security.
  • From minute 24: Access to really good education is increasingly becoming for just the top 25% of the population. We need to change that so we can help more people make our worlds better.
  • From minute 43: Let us liberalize telecommunication laws, so we make it less expensive for people to use technology - thereby accelerating improvements in the lives of people.
  • From minute 44: A female participant from Australia asks how we can educate people to use their leisure time better, so that time is used in productive, socially enhancing ways.
  • From minute 45: Teach people to be innovators, to make and create things. Encourage people to use their curiosity.
  • From minute 49: Let us build jobs / work that focus on helping elderly people with what they do, for example regarding health care work.

Additional research and questions on rethinking / renewing / transforming the way education is done:

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