Zürich is becoming a more bicycle friendly city

At nextzürich I noticed that a large number of ideas have been communicated about making Zürich a more bicycle friendly city. So as I saw this invitation to the event Nextsalon Velocity, I decided to participate to help contribute to making Zürich a more bicycle friendly city.

At the event, I found it very interesting to share ideas with other participants about what we can do to improve conditions for everyone moving from a to b in Zürich. I found it fascinating that the event was complemented by work on the internet, for example on nexzuerich.ning.com, Facebook , nextzuerich.ch, and on ronorp.net.

In this blog posting, I read that to be an innovator, you have to be a relentlessly curious anthropologist and a keen-eyed ethnographer, so with a mobile electronic device, I walked / cycled / drove around the city to take photos of the areas in Zürich where I have experienced there is a strong potential for making conditions better - not least for people who use 2 wheel / 3 wheel vehicles with or without engine / battery.

Here are some more experiences / ideas / inspiration on making cities more bicycle friendly:

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