Idea by Christopher Pissarides about child care services

Listening to this very interesting World Economic Forum briefing by Christopher Pissarides, I learned this:
  • At 8:45, Christopher Pissarides mentioned that in Sweden, child care is subsidized - encouraging people, who have children, to buy child care services in the market. This initiative helps child care services develop, raises incomes for people, and reduces inequality. He also mentioned that, currently, this does not work in, for example, Italy, where the government - at the moment - does not take much interest in services like child care. This is one reason why we are seeing high gender inequality - including low rates of work participation by women - in Italy.
  • At 19:35, Christopher Pissarides said that in Sweden, at least twice as many jobs are being created in child care services and other health care services as in Italy.

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