How to make an attractive city

Watching the video embedded below, I learned that there are 6 fundamental things a city needs to get right.
# 1: Order and variety
An example: Every house in a neighbourhood has the same width and height. In addition, every house has been allowed freedom regarding form and colour.
# 2: Visible life
People like when they can see things going on where they work / live.
# 3: Compact
An example: A square should not be too small - and should be no larger than 30 metres in diameter.
# 4: Orientation and mystery
We need a good balance between a) big streets / boulevards that offer orientation and b) small streets / lanes that offer mystery. People love cities that have lots of backstreets and small lanes where you can feel cosy.
# 5: Scale
A suggestion is made that buildings should be maximum 5 stories tall. Above that, people start to feel small and insignificant. When, occasionally, there's a big building, make it a building that's really special and loved by everyone.
# 6: Make it local
An example could be the use of local materials for building infrastructure. It could also be something else that makes something uniquely local. When you think of beautiful local place, what comes into your mind?

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