Coffee and values

Via Isabella Lo, I came across this interesting 2 minute video with Tony Conrad brewing coffee. Being a coffee lover myself and - for some time - also fascinated by and how the website helps people to, for example, learn about and connect with other people, I almost instantly found the video inspiring.

Being interested in discovering values people have I had a look at, for example, Tony Conrad's collections. I noticed that he is inspired by many different topics / areas. Tony Conrad's collections represent a large variety of interests - ranging from founders over chefs and fashionistas to musicians, farmers, architects and interior designers Reflecting on 1) the relatively strong variation in interests of Tony Conrad, 2) that he has lived in such diverse places as New York, New Delhi, Jakarta, Chicago, Paris and San Francisco, 3) that he has done a lot of different things in his life - including working operationally, for example as a yogurt merchandiser, 4) that the colours on the painting in the room where he's brewing coffee are relatively varied, and 5) that Tony Conrad has been involved with / invested in several different companies with different purposes, I would think that values such as variation / diversity / creativity / experimentation / learning would be among one group of Tony Conrad's values.

As Tony Conrad - in the coffee brewing video - talks about coffee being a metaphor for, for example, "let's get together, let's talk, let's slow down and have a moment for ourselves", I couldn't help think about the possibilities you have on for sending a reply to a compliment you receive on the platform. For example, there's the possibility to simply reply "Thanks". There are also other reply possibilities such as "Thanks, I'd love to bounce an idea off of you" or "Thanks, I'd love to meet for coffee". Reflecting on 1) the coffee metaphors that Tony Conrad shares with us, 2) the connecting possibilities on the platform, 3) that Tony Conrad likes to laugh with others, 4) that he sees life as a contact sport, and 5) that Tony Conrad grew up in a small Indiana farming community, it struck me that another group of Tony Conrad's values would be values such as togetherness / friendship / community.
A little more about coffee:
Just about a month ago, I visited Hamburg. Being curious about how people, who live in Hamburg, are changing the way they get from a to b I also came across Speicherstadt Kaffeerösterei, a quite unique place - at the impressive harbour in Hamburg - where coffee is roasted, brewed, and served. Visiting the coffee house, I not only tasted splendid coffee; I also learned a lot about coffee while I was there, for example where coffee is grown and how coffee is roasted. In addition, I learned at this coffee house - and  later on also over at Blue Bottle Coffee - that there are many different ways of preparing coffee. Reflecting on the different types of coffee, that exists, and the different ways coffee can be prepared, I developed even more understanding that determining what good coffee is is a highly personal matter - as I also read here

Being excited about the coffee quality and the unique experience of visiting Speicherstadt Kaffeerösterei, I did this 1 minute video while I was there:

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