The busting bureaucracy hackathon. Results of brainstorming

What new management practices could provide an alternative to the bureaucratic model of top down control and formal rules? Emerging from the contributions to phase 2 of the busting bureaucracy hackathon were the following 8 categories:
  1.  Serve peers and customers - not the boss.
  2. Break up monolithic structures.
  3. Give everyone a place at the table.
  4. Radically expand the scope of employee autonomy.
  5. Create meritocracies where influence is based on contribution - not credentials.
  6. Provide open access to real-time information.
  7. Drive performance through a shared sense of purpose and community.
  8. Ditch formality.

Read more about the 8 categories in this blog posting by Chris Grams and Michele Zanini.

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