Developing work and living environments that people like

Reading this blog posting by Lars Kolind - including the article linked to in the posting - and this article, which I came across through this tweet by Bill George - including the articles linked to - I learned, for example, this: 1. On the one hand, people value exchanging ideas / chatting with / interacting with other people over the Internet / via apps as well as in various physical places - including at various Internet events and/or events in physical places. 2. On the other hand, people also value privacy / individualized, personalized offices / quiet rooms / not being disturbed when reading, thinking, writing, and/or communicating. In this regard, a key challenge, we need to handle / solve / find better solutions to, is, as I understand, how to block out noise that is disturbing for what the respective person wants to do. As Julian Treasure of the Sound Agency is quotes for in this article: "Nobody can understand two people talking at the same time." In other words, there seems to be a need to create work and living environment that are designed to satisfy needs of both high degrees of individualism and collectivity / low degrees of individualism. In this regard, it seems to be of key importance to understand that people have different needs, different personalities, prefer different types of work and living environments at different times / in different situations, and have different degrees of social competence. To get more inspiration on work and living environments / office spaces / home offices / event spaces, have a look at this presentation and/or this Pinterest board. What you also may find helpful is list of events through which you can meet and communicate with other people - on the Internet and/or in different physical places.

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