12 life lessons from Forrest Gump

Via this tweet, I came across this posting with the following 12 life lessons from Forrest Gump:

# 1: Know what love is.

# 2: Be your best.
To be your best, start with getting to know yourself.

# 3: Love what you do.

# 4: Say what you need to say.

# 5: Explain things so people can understand them.
This means that you need to understand who people are, and what they know.
And it means that you need to be sure that people understand you.

# 6: Believe that you can.

# 7: We all have tragedy to overcome. You can too.

# 8: Your actions speak louder than your words.

# 9: Believe in God.

# 10: You define your destiny.
Defining your destiny is about being in touch with what you love.
It is about believing in yourself, having self confidence.
Take a stand for who you chose to be. You define your destiny.

# 11: Imagine, then be.

# 12: Listen to your heart.

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