Citizens in Mexico create bike lanes themselves

The 4½ minute video below about Mexican citizens, who – in Guadalajara, Mexico – create bike lanes themselves is in Spanish. For those of you who are not fluent in Spanish: Don't worry: Images speak for themselves ;-) In this article through which I learned about this quite remarkable citizen initiative - an initiative that led my thoughts to FixMyStreet - I also read about the reasons why these citizens decided to act themselves. Here’s an extract:
[We have a problem: 350 cars are added to the city traffic every day; the average traffic speed has fallen to 18 km/h and the quality of our air reaches alarming levels during several days of winter.] [In Mexico, the cost of building a bike lane reaches about 100,000 dollars per kilometre. This means that the section on which we worked, 2.5 kilometres on each side of a two way avenue, could have cost about 500,000 dollars. The investment, the citizen's investment, was only 1,000 dollars.]
Here are some ideas on creating bicycle friendly cities 


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