How much are you training your right brain abilities?

Listening to this interview with Daniel Pink, I learned more about what people need to do to avoid that the work, they do, get outsourced.

The abilities, that we associate with the left side of our brain, i.e. logical, linear, sequential, spread-sheet abilities still matter, but they matter less. Work, that is basically about following a set of rules, can relatively easily be outsourced.
It is now abilities characterized by the right hand side of the brain, for example, artistry, empathy, inventiveness, big picture thinking, that matter most in several professions and industries.

What becomes valuable is what you cannot reduce to a set of rules.
Accountants, for example, need to work more on becoming financial advisors.

The abilities, that are hard to outsource and hard to automate - for example design, storytelling and seeing the big picture - are fundamentally human abilities.

Right brain abilities require a certain measure of autonomy and allowing experimentation to happen.

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