Are you oriented towards the past, present, or the future?

Via this posting, I came across the 10 minute video embedded below. Watching the video, I learned that there are 6 main time zones that people live in:

# 1: Past positive orientation
People, who remember all the good old times, for example successes and happy birthdays.

# 2: Past negative orientation
People, who focus on regret, failure, and all the things that went wrong.

# 3: Present hedonism
People, who are hedonistic, i.e. people who live for pleasure, avoid pain, seek knowledge and sensation.
All of us begin life as present hedonists.

# 4: Present orientation 2
People who think their life is fated, for example by religion, poverty, conditions that they live under.

The nearer you are to equator, in an environment where climate doesn’t change, the more present oriented you are.

# 5: Future orientation 1
People, who have learned to work rather than to play, and who resist temptation.

# 6: Future orientation 2
People who think that life begins after the death of the mortal body.

All propaganda, public relations messages, educational messages are designed for future oriented kids. To be future oriented, you have to trust that when you make a decision about the future, it is going to be carried out. As an example, people living in Northern Italy tend to be more future oriented than people in Southern Italy. Also, protestants tend to be oriented towards the future, whereas catholics tend to be oriented towards past or present. Watching the video, I also learned that there’s a revolution in time going on. Kids today live in a digital culture. What matters is the second. Waiting has, even more than before, become a waste of time. For example, it makes people angry that a computer takes so long, i.e. a minute or so, to start up. 

Are you oriented towards the past, the present, or the future?

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