Management tip: Eliminate needless meetings

Reading this article, I noticed, for example, the following:

Insight # 1
A study showed that people with bad bosses suffered 20% - 40% more heart attacks than people with good bosses.

Insight # 2
The best evidence shows that bosses rarely account for more than 15% of the gap between good and bad organizational performance.

Insight # 3
The best bosses routinely give their followers more credit than they probably deserve. And when bosses do this, everyone wins.

Insight # 4
"Good bosses are especially adept at protecting their people’s time - for example, by eliminating needless meetings. Take a cue from Will Wright, designer of computer games such as The Sims: rather than automatically scheduling meetings, ask yourself if they are really needed. Wright employed a clever trick. Every time someone called a meeting, he charged that person a dollar. Although he collected a lot of dollars, this requirement made people "think twice, even though it was only a dollar." He also used an employee-centered method to keep meetings short—inviting the creative but impatient artist Ocean Quigley, "the canary in the coal mine." When Quigley raised his hand to be excused, “we knew that the meeting had hit diminishing returns."

Regarding # 4: For more inputs on managing meetings, click here.

What experiences do you have with meetings?


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