Mr. Ray Kurzweil: Empower people to be creative

In this good Credit Suisse interview with Mr. Ray Kurzweil, I noticed, for example, this extract:
"15 years ago, if someone took out a mobile phone at the movies, that was kind of a signal that this person was very wealthy and powerful. And they didn't work very well. Then over the next 10 years, we put out a billion cell phones. And then over the next three years, we put out the second billion. The third billion took 14 months. The fourth billion took eight months. Within less than two years from now, every person on the planet will have a cell phone. But they are already ubiquitous; half the farmers in China have cell phones with Internet access. These farmers can access all of human knowledge with a few keystrokes. They can write blogs and create knowledge. There are a hundred million blogs in China. They are a democratizing force."

Watching this 2 minute video, I learned from Mr. Kurzweil that it’s very important now to empower people to be creative.

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