Global Information Technology Report 2009-2010

The Global Information Technology Report measures the extent to which 133 economies from both the developed and developing worlds leverage ICT advances for increased growth and development through the methodological framework of the Networked Readiness Index.

On the top of the list is Sweden followed by Singapore, Denmark, and Switzerland. Having a closer look at the data for Switzerland, I read, for example, that – compared to other countries – the individual and business ICT usage in Switzerland is very high. I also noticed some weaknesses. For example, the Swiss Government is lacking behind regarding usage of ICT. On this dimension, Switzerland is in 34th place. Among Switzerland’s relative competitive weaknesses are also telephony costs. Telephony costs in Switzerland remain very high by international standards, even when accounting for differences in costs of living. As an example, Switzerland ranks 84th and 62nd for mobile cellular and fixed telephones tariffs, respectively.

Listening to Mr. Soumitra Doutta in the interesting 13 minute conversation below, I learned, for example this:
- It is quite possible that fixed line telephones will be dropped from the indicator list in near future, while mobile broadband will become a stronger indicator.
- The creative sector is becoming much more important.

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