Use Web 2.0 tools to improve communication between functions

Re-reading the valuable book Images of Organization by Gareth Morgan, I stumpled upon this extract on page 29:
"The difficulty of achieving effective responses to changing circumstances is often further aggravated by the high degree of specialization in different functional areas within the organization (e.g. production, marketing, finance, product engineering). Interdepartmental communications and coordination are often poor, and people often have a myopic view of what is occurring, there being no overall grasp of the situation facing the enterprise as a whole. As a result, the actions encouraged by one element of the organization often entail negative consequences for others, so that one element ends up working against the interests of another."

Here’s an idea to solve the problem: How about using Web 2.0 tools to communicate across functions? Use, for example, Twitter, Facebook, XING, Skype, and/or blogs. Using these tools has another great advantage: You’ll be able to communicate more with your customers and potential customers.
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