Extend cooperation across national boundaries

Watching this fine 14½ minute talk by Alex Tabarrok, I learned, for example, that, in the 20th century, a number of walls were torn down globally, i.e. collaboration / cooperation was extended across national boundaries.

1. Trade walls were reduced.
2. Transportation walls were reduced.
3. Communication walls were reduced. Just think about the Internet.
4. Political walls were reduced.

Results: Global trade increased. Economic growth extended to almost all parts of the world.

About 9 minute and 20 seconds into the talk, Mr. Tabarrok mentions this:
“We all benefit, when another country gets rich. We should not fear other countries becoming wealthy. That is something we should embrace. A wealthy China, a wealthy India, a wealthy Africa. It means a greater demand of ideas (larger markets), and a greater supply of ideas for the world.”

What do you do to extend cooperation across national boundaries?

I came across the video through this blog posting by Braden Kelley.

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