How do you schedule meetings?

Doodle recently published a study on scheduling. 2,500 managers and administrative professionals in the US, the UK, Germany, France, and the Nordic countries were surveyed. The study showed that professionals spend almost 5 hours each week to arrange meetings and predominantly use traditional means such as, for example, e-mail and phone to find the best time to meet. By using scheduling services such as Doodle, which is easy to use, they can significantly cut down on wasted time and find their meeting times in a much more efficient manner. Learn more about the survey by taking a look at the image below and by reading this Doodle blog posting.

What I find valuable about Doodle is, for example, the integration with Google Calendar. Two students at the ETH Zürich developed an application that integrates Doodle’s scheduling system with Google Calendar. The mashup between Doodle and Google Calendar is called Doodlendar. Doodle also has an application on Facebook. You can try it out by clicking here. You can also learn more about the Doodle Facebook application by having a look at this presentation published on Scribd.

Here are a few facts about Doodle:
- Doodle is free to use and requires neither registration nor software installation.
- More than 3 millions users per month.
- Since 2008 incorporated with offices in Zürich, Switzerland.

Here's the Doodle Team:

Photo source

During a Kalaidos University Forum seminar in Zürich, Switzerland this evening, I listened to a very interesting presentation by Mr. Michael Näf, Co-Founder of Doodle. Besides being impressed about the large number of users that Doodle has globally, I was also impressed to learn about the relatively strong growth in the number of users. Doing some research on Doodle, I learned that the growth in the number of Doodle users is around 10% - per month. Source: "Doodle hat über drei Millionen Benutzer". Associated Press Worldstream – German, April 2nd, 2009.

The photo below is from Mr. Näf’s presentation this evening in Zürich:

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