Where humanity is winning and losing

It is worth having a look at this executive summary of the 2008 State of the Future report. Among other interesting information in the report, I noticed that about 1.4 billion people (21% of the world) are connected to the Internet, with 37.6% of them in Asia, 27.1% in Europe, and 17.5% in North America. The Internet and mobile phones are merging, increasing access to the world’s knowledge. There are 3.3 billion mobile phones active around the world as of 2008.

Besides the number of internet users, humanity is winning in the following areas:
- Life expectancy.
- Infant mortality.
- Literacy.
- GDP per capita.
- Conflict.

On the other hand, humanity is losing in these areas:
- CO2 emissions.
- Terrorism.
- Corruption.
- Global warming.
- Voting population.
- Unemployment.
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