What’s a great city like? Part # 7: There are people with many different competencies

I have experienced that people, who have different professional competencies and/or come from different cultures throughout the world, can generate many innovative solutions when they work together. In fact, my experience is that the more diverse backgrounds, people who work together have, the greater is the possibility that they will - individually and/or together - generate new, not-tried-out-before solutions.

Here in Switzerland, more than 20% of the population comes from other countries. I experience the diversity here in several ways: For example, I hear many different languages being spoken. In addition, I see people with different styles of clothing. I also experience that people eat different food. And I have read that many different religions are represented here.

Just when I am writing about this interesting diversity, I come to think of this 7 minute YouTube video, which up until this point in time has been viewed almost 4 million times. If you haven’t seen / listened to it, enjoy it. If you have already seen / listened to it, enjoy it once more.

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