What’s a great city like? Part # 3: There are open companies

Opening up and involving people are key concepts of our time – not least due to the way the Internet develops. Here are a couple of possibilities for companies to take advantage of this – thereby speeding up, for example, economic growth.

Possibility # 1: Leaders write blogs
One way for companies to open up and involve people is that the manager of the company writes a blog and/or that the company in other ways uses interactive and collaborative technologies to communicate internally as well as externally.

Possibility # 2: Companies make working events
In this posting about Researchers night across Europe, I wrote about researchers from ETH Zurich who literally brought knowledge to the people – right at the Lake of Zurich. In these days, the University of Zurich opens its doors. You can read more about that in this March 11 posting.

Doing a Google search on "Tag der offenen Tür" for Switzerland, I noticed that several companies in Switzerland “open up their doors”. “Open doors events” and similar initatives can be helpful for companies - for example because they thereby have the possibility to acquire, for example, ideas from different people on how to get even better.
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