How good are you at communicating horizontally?

I thought that the photo below from Flickr of Japanese traffic lights, that go horizontally - not vertically - was a good way of illustrating that horizontal communication can, for many companies, be worth focusing more on.

In this interesting The AppGap blog posting, Matthew Hodgson mentions that web 2.0 technology completely changes how we interact online and the way in which modern businesses operate. Mr. Hodgson also makes 3 concrete suggestions for what companies need to do to change the way they communicate:

# 1: Change your top-down communication styles to something that is more horizontal.

# 2: Encourage individuals to communicate and collaborate across organisational silos.

# 3: Empower individuals with tools that not only help with their work, but also facilitate horizontal communication.

What do you and your colleagues need in order to communicate more horizontally?

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