Global risks – part # 2

In this December 2007 posting I wrote about core global risks presented in the Global Risk 2007 report.

In the Global Risk 2008 report, the experts line up the following important issues:

# 1: Systemic financial risk
The risk of house and other asset prices collapse in, for example, the United States - reducing consumer spending and creating a recession. The risk of a slower economic growth in China is also mentioned.

# 2: Food insecurity risk
The risk that food insecurity will become an increasingly complex political and economic problem over the next few years. For example, population growth, climate change and the growing use of food crops for biofuels may be shifting the world into a period of more volatile and sustained high prices.

# 3: Supply chain risk
The risk that hyper-optimisation of supply chains may also increase vulnerabilities to disruption and concentrations of risk.

# 4: Risk to energy security and risks from global climate change

The risk of guaranteeing a safe, secure and sustainable supply – and doing so in line with global commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Global Risks 2008 is published by the World Economic Forum in co-operation with Citigroup, Marsh & McLennan Companies, Swiss Re, the Wharton School Risk Center, and Zurich Financial Services.

Which risks do you see as being particularly important for the company, you work for?
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