The use of humor can lead to better performance of the company

"Humor is one of the things associated with a positive affect, which increases not only productivity, but also the ability to communicate well with the boss, co-workers, and customers", writes the author of this BusinessWeek article.

In other words, humor can lead to better corporate performance.

The extent to which a person will find something humorous depends not least on which culture he/she comes from. In other words, the use of humor in a group - for example a project group - in which people share the same values, can make that group even stronger. On the other hand, humor can be difficult to understand for a person, who comes from a different project/company culture and/or national culture than the other persons in the group.

What are your experiences using humor in different situations? How about telling a little success story about an experience, you have had, where the use of humor led to better performance for the project/company?
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