From 1-way communication to participation

Situation A: 1-way communication
There are still many companies for which communication - even through the Internet - is primarily going in 1 direction, for example from management to employees and/or from company to customers. Strong focus is put on supply. Customers are looked upon as passive consumers consuming (standardized) products.

Situation B: Participation through blogs

Blogs are changing the way things are done, i.e. they are changing the culture of many companies. Blogs make communication a 2-way street. They invite people to participate, to express their ideas, thoughts, opinions, and that way inspire others. Through blogs, more focus is being put on demand: Customers tell the company what kind of products they want - and how they want them. In other words, input/feedback from customers is, at anytime, possible through blogs. In addition, employees can also easier get involved. Their good ideas for any topic can be spread more efficiently – across functions/divisions/companies as well as up through organizational hierarchies. This makes work more dynamic and more interesting. Thereby, more value will be created faster – benefiting shareholders and everyone else.

In this 3-minute video, Lee LeFever of Common Craft explains, for example, why blogs have gained so much popularity in recent years.

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