10 ideas to improve communication

Idea # 1: Use ”I” messages
Example: "I experienced that.."

Idea # 2: State observations
Example: "I noticed that..."

Idea # 3: Communicate concretely
* Focus on 1 problem at a time.
* Talk about facts.

Idea # 4: Communicate openly, honestly, and directly
Say what you think including expressing your feelings.

Idea tip # 5: Communicate with trustworthiness and responsibility
Do what you say.

Idea # 6: Communicate positively and with respect for others
Speak to others as you would like to be spoken to.

Idea # 7: Listen actively
* Keep eye contact with the speaker.
* Nod your head when you have understood a message.
* Don’t discuss or give explanations.

Idea # 8: Ask open questions
* What do you thinks the reasons for the problem are?
* When did the problem occur?
* Where did it happen?
* How long has the problem existed?
* Who is involved in the problem?
* Why did the problem happen?

Idea # 9: Repeat
Repeat, once in a while, what the speaker has said to inform him/her that you have understood what he/she has said.

Idea # 10: Match
Match the speaker’s words, voice, and body language.

What do you do to communicate well?
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