Renault Twizy test drive

Via this tweet I came across this article in which I read that Renault-Nissan has sold its 100,000th electric vehicle. Reading the article, I also learned that the Renault-Nissan Alliance has sold more zero-emission cars than all the other major car manufacturers combined. Being interested in renewable energy, which I work on in, for example, this Google group, interested in transportation innovation about which I developed, for example, these slides as well as these slides, and admiring the leadership of Carlos Ghosn, I have been curious to try out a Renault-Nissan electric vehicle for some time.

As Mobility launched acampaign featuring the Renault Twizy a great possibility arose to try out one of the agile, electric vehicles that Renault-Nissan has developed. I was possibly surprised about the driving experience and found the vehicle handy for getting around in / around a city. That the small vehicle, which measures 2.3 m. x 1.2 m., is equipped with half-height scissor-opening doors adds even more flavour to the driving experience.


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