Involving people

Contributing to UNBOSS, I learned, for example, that one key to creating more value for more people is by involving external people, for example using blogs / social media and other crowdsourcing technologies. Preparing for this week’s Social Media Gipfel, I came across this flashmob that ballet dancers did in Zürich. Noticing that the flashmob is one the popular videos on the Opernhaus Zürich YouTube channel, I asked Christian Holst at this week's Social Media Gipfel what thoughts he and his colleagues have regarding doing similar initiatives – and thereby bring ballet, opera etc. to, for example, city squares and the like. The initial thoughts I had, which led me to ask the question, were that I would think initiatives like this would contribute to adding more colour to life in cities, encourage people to, for example, become even more interested / involved in learning about music, dance etc., and also give people special opportunities to share surprising, happy cultural experiences on social media. Reflecting on the Social Media Gipfel, which I think is an interesting initiative, I find it valuable that moderators Olivia Menzi and Marcel Bernet keep talks relatively short and want to encourage interaction among participants. In this regard, I came to think that one or more conversation exercises such as the ones embedded below might be interesting to use to encourage even more interaction at an event like this. A concrete possibility, I thought of, could be to moderate 3 minute chats / exchanges in 2-person groups right after a talk / presentation. A question from the moderator could be: “Please talk, for 3 minutes with the person sitting next to you, about what is important to you in the talk / presentation you just heard.” After this 3 minute chat / exchange in 2-person groups, the moderator could ask a couple of people to shortly say out loud what they had talked about with the person sitting next to them.
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