Global information technology report

Reading the global information technology report 2013, I learned, for example, this: Learning # 1 Finland leads world in embracing information technology. The 3 other Nordic economies, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, are – together with Singapore, Netherlands, Switzerland, UK, USA, and Taiwan – also placed in the top 10. Learning # 2 In Switzerland, business usage as well as individual usage are both well developed. In contrast, the cost of ICTs is - by far - the weakest aspect of Switzerland’s performance. Switzerland ranks 68th in the affordability pillar. Another area of relative weakness is the lack of government efforts to promote ICTs. Switzerland ranks 31st in this category, way behind most of the Asian Tigers, the Gulf countries, and the Nordics. Learning # 3 Over the past 2 years, digitization has boosted world economic output by US$193 billion and created 6 million jobs. Learning # 4 More than 99% of things in the physical world are not linked to the Internet. However, the intelligent connection of people, processes, data, and things – the Internet of things – will drive forward links between things and Internet. This will impact all sectors. Learning # 5 There is strong evidence that ICT implementation, when done effectively, can result in healthcare that is higher quality, safer, and more responsive to patients’ needs as well as more efficient. There is also growing evidence that health ICTs are essential to support the development of new, innovative models of care delivery. In this regard, here are some tips to deliver health care. Learning # 6 The global volume of demand for fixed and mobile traffic is expected to grow by 34% and 84%, respectively, each year to 2015. This means that the telecommunication industry everywhere needs to make large investments. Revamping Europe’s mobile infrastructure, for example, to create a mobile network using LTE technology and covering 95% of the EU15 population will need investments between €50 billion and €70 billion. Learning # 7 The EU15 has 56 mobile operators. In comparison, the USA has 4 mobile operators to cover a similar size territory and population.
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