Ideas for hairdressers

At the hairdresser, I spontaneously came to think about the following 5 ideas to improve the experience for customers and hairdressers:

Idea # 1
Make the ground around the chair, in which the customers sits, softer. That will make it more comfortable for the hairdresser to work. Consider, for example, using material which is applied in some playgrounds

Idea # 2
Make it possible for the hairdresser to raise and lower the chair in / from the ground. That will help the hairdresser work in more healthy positions and also help the customer sit in a position which is right for him/her. For example, the hairdresser could lower the chair of a customer who is tall and thereby avoid raising shoulders and arms to cut his/her hair.

Idea # 3
Make it possible to schedule appointments on the Internet. Thereby, hairdressers will be less disturbed by the phone when they are working.

Idea # 4
Place a self serve coffee machine and a couple of comfortable chairs in a corner of the hairdresser shop. This initiative will improve the customer experience in case of waiting time.

Idea # 5
Install speakers in the hairdressing shop that can be connected to any smartphone. Also, encourage customers to bring their favourite music on their smartphones. Thereby, the customer experience can be individualized even more. In addition, the music may serve as a conversation topic for hairdresser and customer.

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