Surprise people positively

Listening to this interesting 23 minute conversation between Charlie Rose and Andrew Mason of Groupon, I learned, for example, that it is the element of discovery, of finding new things, of being surprised by whatever the deal is that makes Groupon fun for consumers. Groupon tries, according to Mr. Mason, to remain surprising in various ways. About 5 minutes into the conversation, Andrew Mason also mentions that people have a thirst for experiences. 

Reflecting on the surprise effect, that Mr. Mason refers to at the start of the conversation, I also came to think of the 2 versions of Händel’s Hallejujah embedded below. Both versions of the song are, I think, beautifully performed by the competent artists. Notice - in the last of the 2 videos - the surprise effect. In this regard, consider also the cool idea of using a shopping centre as a venue for an experience like this. By the way, check out the faces of the kids in the video. They look completely amazed. I think I would be as well ;-)


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