Make streets of a city attractive for people

Do you want an attractive city? Start by making streets attractive. That is a key message of Charles Landry, I read in this article. Here are a couple of extracts: 
“And just as talent is drawn to hubs and the patterns of links they enable, so are hubs in essence a great collection of streets. For a hub to succeed at drawing the best people and unleashing their talents, therefore, its collection of streets must be aspirational, world-beating, irresistible - a draw. London, he tells his audience, cannot maintain its status in the first rank of the world’s hubs unless it becomes more skillful and intentional about managing and improving the experience that its streets provide.”  
If we feel at home in the streets, we will feel at home in the local culture, and if we feel at home in the culture, we will aspire to participate by investing our time or money in its precincts.”
Here are some inputs on bicycle friendly cities:

Bicycle Friendly Cities

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