Think as a gardener when building a culture of innovation

At the start of this interesting blog posting by Mitch Ditkoff, I came across this quote from Peter Senge:
"Companies are actually living organisms, not machines. We keep bringing in mechanics, when what we need are gardeners."

My initial thought, as I read this quote, was on Gareth Morgan’s book Images of Organizations, a book that I can highly recommend. In the book, Mr. Morgan writes, for example, about organizations as machines and about organizations as organisms. On page 66 of the book, I read, for example this: “It would be an exaggeration to suggest, that mechanistic organizations do not innovate, but the point contains an important kernel of truth.” Find some more inspiration ways to organize here.

At Triemli hospital in Zürich, which is being renewed in these months, I came across this really great sign in the construction zone. Reflecting on the message on the sign, I’d like to ask you the following question: When nature builds on change, to which degree do you participate in shaping it? For example, to which degree do you try out something new every day, which Paul Sloane suggests in his new years greeting to innovators?

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