Proritize prevention higher

Listening to this 1 hour talk by Dr. Walter Bortz, I noted, not least the following remarks:

- ”What we have now is a disease industry, an illness industry. We spend almost 20% of GDP on sickness, less than 2% on prevention.”
- “We have to get out of the repair business and into the prevention business”.
- ”Nobody is out there trying to prevent cancer. They are all so busy treating it, because you get paid for it.”
- “Doctors were originally teachers. So I’m a teacher first, and a repair person second. I would much rather you don’t get sick, but you don’t get paid for that.”
- “A study found that nurses, who take 2 hours of walking every day, have 40% less breast cancer”.

You'll find a 3½ minute extract of the Mr. Bortz' talk here:

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