Values of the internet and values of most companies

Towards the end of this interesting blog posting by Gary Hamel, I read this:
"At the heart of the Web is a bundle of social values that stands in stark contrast to the values that predominate in most companies. Community, transparency, freedom, meritocracy, openness and collaboration - this is the fundamental ethos of the web. Within the beige precincts of corporate-dom, the values of control, discipline, accountability, reliability and predictability reign supreme. Twenty-first century organizations must amalgamate all of these values. Only then will they be able to deliver the goods day-after-day with penny-pinching efficiency while showing their heels to the winds of change."

Earlier in the posting, I also read this: "Standardization, specialization, hierarchy, goal alignment and control are great principles, but they’re toxic to adaptability."

For information about problems of hierarchically organized companies, have a look at this slideshow. Also, to get information about different ways of organizing, stop by at this slideshow.

My question to you
To which degree is the behaviour of people you work with based on the values of the Internet - for example openness and collaboration?
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